Monday, August 5, 2013

★ ★ ★ Original Print Re-release Poll ★ ★ ★

Thank you for always supporting BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT/ALICE and the PIRATES!

From 8/5 (MON) through 8/31 (SAT), we will be conducting the "Original Print Re-release Poll!"

featuring many original prints from BABY/PIRATES, was released last year,
many customers expressed interest in older releases by saying,
"I wish this series could be released again,"
or "I want to see the print in person"♪
So, in celebration of ALICE and the PIRATES brand's 10th anniversary in 2014,
we will be re-releasing the most popular BABY/PIRATES print !


Make a purchase between 8/5 (MON)~8/31 (SAT),
and receive a voting ballot.
Limited to once per day per customer.
Print selection limited to those listed below.
Please drop ballots into ballot box before leaving the store.


Voting Period: 8/5 (MON) 12:00pm PDT ~ 8/31 (SAT) 6:00pm PDT
Place your vote into the comment section during checkout.
Example: "B1" for BABY - Alice's Portrait; "A8" for A/P's Rose Jail

B1 - Alice's Portrait
B2 - Cross Rose
B3 - Snow White
B4 - Cinderella Jewelry
B5 - Sugar Bouquet
B6 - Friendly Usakumya
B7 - Mother Goose's Starry Sky
B8 - BABY Border
B9 - My little red riding hood
B10 - My Favorite Things
B11 - Merry sweet castle

A1 - Alice Pirates
A2 - Hymn
A3 - Sleeping Beauty
A4 - Horoscope
A5 - Vampire Requiem
A6 - Masquerade Theater
A7 - Midsummer Night's Dream
A8 - Rose Jail

Results available in mid-November 2013
Sale period starts in mid-February 2014

Color choice and design style will be announced at a later date.

Perhaps your favorite print will be re-released!?
Thanks for participating♪

■Votes valid at all BABY/PIRATES stores.
Receive a ballot from shop staff, review the print list provided, cast your vote, and drop the ballot into the ballot box.
■Customers may vote once per shopping day.
Customers may vote as often they like during the month of August.
■Personal information will not be written onto the ballots.
A numbered BABY/PIRATES original print selection will be available for review; write the desired number onto the ballot.
■After all the ballots are counted、the most popular BABY/PIRATES print will be announced.