Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For BABY, we have Love Ring Present Box, Bon-Bon Chocolate Dance Dance Dance, ribbon heart bags, blouses, cutsews, and more. 

We now have a lot of A/P prints every one have been waiting for like the Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box, lots of boys style items including the Doll Copellia Pants and Vest, and Men's size blouses and bottoms! The End of immortal Eden Socks and Jewelry have come in too, but not the dresses. T_T

Everything we have received in our shipment is listed under the jump!

BABY, The Stars Shine Bright

135★083 Love Ring Present Box Necklace
135★084 Love Ring Present Box Ring
135★263 Love Ring Present Box Amy JSK
135★264 Love Ring Present Box Party JSK
135★526 Love Ring Present Box Carrie SK
136★210 Love Ring Love Ribbon JSK 
135★843 Love Ring Present Box Over Knee Socks 

136★207 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Praline JSK
136★208 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Café Milk JSK 
136★503 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance SK 
136★803 Bon-Bon Chocolate DanceDanceDance Over Knee Socks 

135★074 Clockwork Tea Party Necklace
135★076 Hoshi no Namida Hime Ring
135★077 Hoshi no Namida Hime Pearl Choker
135★079 Friendly Kumya-chan Judy Earrings 
135★861 Angel Whispering on the Holy Night Melody Ribbon Earrings
135★995 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Bunny Ear Headband 

135★121 Frill Pullover
136★408 Ribbon Party Blouse
136★701 Lace Frill Bolero
136★705 Strawberry Lace Bunny Ear Cardigan
136★706 Kitty Ear Cardigan
136★707 Stripe Ribbon Lace Bolero 

135★803 Beading Lace Over Knee Socks
135★835 Small Lace Over Knee Socks
136★801 Twinkle Dot Socks
136★009 Present Ribbon Tote Bag 
136★013 Ribbon Heart Bag
136★903 Classical Rosie Headbow

Alice and the Pirates

107P025 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Headbow
107P027 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Toy Necklace
107P236 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Clara JSK
107P237 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Marie JSK
107P356 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box OP
108P824 Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box Over Knee Socks
107P446 Wonder Box Blouse
107P026 Wonder Box TOY HAT

108P802 The END of immortal EDEN Over Knee Socks
108P914 The END of immortal EDEN Necklace
108P920 The END of immortal EDEN Earrings
108P402 EDEN Frill Blouse

108P208 Monochrome Rose Garden JSK
108P309 Monochrome Rose Garden Vest
108P610 Monochrome Rose Garden Pants

108P301 Doll Coppelia Short Vest
108P604 Doll Coppelia Pants

108P408 Lucius Blouse
108P412 Julius Blouse
108P415 Luft Blouse
108P609 Quartet Pants

107P818 Black Cat, Witch, & [Apple Tree] Over Knee Socks
108P903 Campbell Rose Headbow
108P905 Stripe Ribbon Wrist Cuffs