Monday, February 27, 2012

✠ Fragrant Rose Memories ✠

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's new Fragrant Rose Memories series on Friday, March 2nd! We anticipate this series to be very popular. We recommend ordering directly from the online store to secure any of the items. Reservations go up March 1st at 11pm PST. The San Francisco store cannot guarantee your order.

Our scattered memories and vintage trinkets,
Strewn across a rose-covered canvas.

✠ Fragrant Rose Memories 
Antique Ivory
Rosemary Green
Victorian Sepia Brown
Noir Black

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136★221 Fragrant Rose Memories Camelot JSK - $338 +tax
SOLD OUT in Rosemary Green & Victorian Sepia Brown

136★222  Fragrant Rose Memories Vivienne JSK - $328 + tax
SOLD OUT in Rosemary Green

136★511  Fragrant Rose Memories Charlotte SK - $186 +tax

136★921  Fragrant Rose Memories Ribbon Headbow - $52 +tax

136★922  Fragrant Rose Memories Bonnet - $128 +tax

136★067 Fragrant Rose Memories Necklace - $82 +tax
(in matte silver, matte gold, & antique gold)

136★068 Fragrant Rose Memories Earrings - $70 +tax
(in matte silver, matte gold, & antique gold)

136★069 Fragrant Rose Memories Clip-on Earrings - $70 +tax
(in matte silver, matte gold, & antique gold)

136★070 Fragrant Rose Memories Ring - $38 +tax
(in matte silver, matte gold, & antique gold)

136★071 Fragrant Rose Memories Crystal Jewelry Choker - $116 +tax
(in matte gold & antique gold)

136★072 Fragrant Rose Memories Crystal Jewelry Hair Pin - $104 +tax
(in matte gold & antique gold)

136★028 Fragrant Rose Memories Bag - $162 +tax
(in brown and black)

We look forward to accepting your reservations!