Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Arrivals!!!

We received a new shipment! For BABY, we have many new summer dresses, blouses, Ribbon Heart Bags, and lots of accessories~ For A/P, we have Night Fairy Fantasia in all styles (but not all colors), Time of the Roses skirts, blouses, and accessories ★

Please read after the jump for a complete list!


135★224 Gingham Lumine JSK
135★315 Gingham Lumine OP
135★225 Dot Frill JSK
135★226 Dot Frill Salopette
135★230 Ma Cheri JSK
135★317 Ma Cheri OP
135★425 Ma Cheri Blouse
135★513 Ma Cheri SK
135★231 Innocent Berry's JSK
135★321 Innocent Berry's OP
135★514 BABY,SSB Marine SK

135★414 Back Pintuck Blouse (Short Sleeve)
135★415 Pintuck Blouse (Short Sleeve)
135★417 Pintuck Blouse (Short Sleeve)
135★719 Round Collar Puff Sleeve Cutsew
135★720 Gather Changeable Cutsew

135★0033 Rose Ribbon Box Bag
135★014 Chained berry memoir Bag
135★035 Ribbon Heart Bag
135★051 Rose Boudoir Earrings

135★806 School High Socks
135★817 Ansie Rose Over Knee Socks
135★818 Sheltine Socks
135★820 Innocent Berry's Socks
135★821 Ribbon High Socks
135★881 Jenny Ribbon Shoes
135★882 BABY Victoire Shoes
135★883 Dia Rose Sandal

135★901 Cameron Headbow
135★915 Princess Drop Swaying Comb
135★927 Merry Sweet Chocolate Hairpin
135★928 Merry Sweet Cookie Hairpin
135★930 Merry Sweet Cookie Barette
135★931 Merry Sweet Chocolate Hair Tie
135★932 Merry Sweet Cookie Hair Tie
135★941 Sweet Stripe Ribbon Comb
135★950 Tri-color Chain Charm
135★952 Sweet Stripe Wrist Cuffs


107P216 Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I
107P217 Night Fairy Fantasia JSK II
107P617 Night Fairy Fantasia Overalls
107P424 Fantasia Lamé Chiffon Blouse
107P717 Fantasia Lamé Chiffon Bolero
107P961 Fantastic Fairy Pendant

107P509 Time of the Roses SK
107P950 Time of the Roses Scrunchie
107P951 Rose Frame Pearl Choker
107P952 Rose Frame Necklace
107P953 Rose Frame Ring

107P313 Jerenile Vest
107P413 Mad Hatter Blouse
107P414 Jibrille Blouse
107P417 Jozeilia Blouse
107P418 A/P Sailor Blouse
107P419 Short Sleeve Prince Conrad Blouse
107P420 Emilier Chiffon Blouse
107P706 Scissors Rapunzel Embroidery Pullover
107P709 Ribbon Shoulder Cutsew
107P711 Rapunzel Print Cutsew
107P728 A/P Embroidery Polo Shirt

107P505 Rosary Corset SK
107P612 Stripe Ribbon Pants
107P814 A/P Border High Socks
107P881 Sylphide Shoes
107P916 Marguerite Headdress Headbow
107P926 Strawberry Princess Print Cushion
107P933 Henrietta Rose Headbow
107P958 A/P Café Wrist Cuffs

We look forward to seeing you in store soon!