Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Arrivals!

We just got a new shipment! For BABY, we have Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale, Versailles Rose Bouquet, Rose Boudoir, Usakumya-chan Rucksack Mini Mini, and many more ♪ For A/P, we have Time of the Roses, a restock of Scent of Rapunzel (including green), blouses, and accessories ★

We know it has been a long wait for new items. Thanks for being so patient~ Please read after the jump for a complete list of items!


135★223 Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolierre JSK
135★510 Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Chocolatte SK
135★816 Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale Over Knee Socks

135★028 Versailles Rose Bouquet BAG
135★220 Versailles Rose Bouquet Rosary JSK
135★221 Versailles Rose Bouquet Charlotte JSK
135★509 Versailles Rose Bouquet Moliere SK
135★815 Versailles Rose Bouquet Over Knee Socks
135★936 Versailles Rose Bouquet Janne Headbow
135★937 Versailles Rose Bouquet Lorraine Autrish Bonnet
135★938 Versailles Rose Bouquet Sophia Barette

135★210 Rose Boudoir JSK
135★505 Rose Boudoir SK
135★305 Rose Boudoir OP
135★917 Rose Boudoir Bonnet

135★216 Chained berry memoir Maria JSK
135★922 Chained berry memoir Mini Hat

135★211 Karami 3-tiered JSK
135★303 Elizabeth OP
135★306 Dessert OP

134★853 Usakumya Rucksack Mini Mini
135★001 Lace & Frill Umbrella
135★002 Rich Frill Umbrella
135★006 BABY Bird Cage Umbrella
135★501 Fluffy Panier
135★706 Ribbon Heart Pattern Mesh Cardigan

135★801 Diamond Trump Over Knee Socks
135★812 Usakumya-chan Ribbon Over Knee Socks
135★813 Trump Ribbon Border Over Knee Socks
135★814 Fairy Tale Socks
135★822 BABY Victoire Shoes

135★921 Mademoiselle Jewel Rose Round Comb
135★929 Merry Sweet Chocolate Barette
135★930 Merry Sweet Cookie Barette
135★931 Merry Sweet Chocolate Hair Tie
135★932 Merry Sweet Cookie Hair Tie
135★939 Versailles Rose Headbow
135★943 Dot cream Scrunchie
135★944 Creamy Ribbon Scrunchie


107P214 Time of the Roses JSK I
107P315 Time of the Roses OP
107P949 Time of the Roses Barette
107P811 Time of the Roses Over Knee Socks

107P208 Scent of Rapunzel JSK I
107P209 Scent of Rapunzel JSK II
107P309 Scent of Rapunzel OP
107P806 Scent of Rapunzel Over Knee Socks
107P412 Scissors Rapunzel Embroidery Blouse
107P925 Scissors Rapunzel Earrings

107P213 Operalia Bouquet JSK
107P946 Operalia Bouquet Ribbon Comb

107P204 Dance of the Black Cats JSK II
107P210 Gather Chiffon JSK
107P211 Diana Chiffon JSK
107P212 Trump Queen JSK
107P312 A/P café Set
107P321 Snow Dot Princess Sundress

107P411 Edifle Rose Blouse
107P416 Liliene Chiffon Blouse
107P807 Vampire Rose Over Knee Socks
107P810 A/P Marine Border Over Knee Socks
107P002 A/P Rococo Umbrella
107P904 A/P Julie Fish BAG
107P908 A/P Cat Clef Earrings
107P928 Selene Mini Hat
107P937 A/P Leather Plate Wristband
107P938 A/P Plate Trunk Bag