Thursday, April 14, 2022

🌸・✿ฺ・Cherry Blossom Festival: Second Weekend - April 16th & 17th・✿ฺ・🌸

・✿ฺ55th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival ・✿ฺcontinues this weekend!!! 
Saturday, April 16th & Sunday, April 17th.

In celebration, Baby SF will have special promotions 

We will be open from 11am to 5pm (last entry 4:30pm) on an appointment basis.

❣️ ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Appointments are required for this upcoming weekend due to overwhelming crowds.

Please book appointments here:!

Our online shop will be closed April 15th-17th.

We will still be accepting lottery entries online, and any invoices can still be paid during the closure.

Pre-Reservation Period
The following series will be available for a special pre-reservation before the general reservation period.

We will be accepting in-store pre-reservations for

Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party

from Saturday, April 16th at 12:00pm PM PDT
until Sunday, April 17th at 5:00 PM PDT.

Customers may submit an entry without making an appointment.
Please see posted signs for details.

Limit one entry per person.
Incomplete entries will be considered invalid.

【Reservation END】Sunday, April 17th at 5:00PM PDT
【Invoice Notification】Beginning Wednesday, April 20th.

ETA: Late May to Early June 2022

★ ★ ★  ETA is for product arrival time NOT the estimated shipping time 
for when orders will be shipped out.
★ ★ ★  Please allow up to《 three weeks 》after the arrival time
for your lottery reservation to be shipped out.

Saxe Blue

B46OJ205 Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Jumperskirt I
$292 +tax

B46OJ206  Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Jumperskirt II
$282 +tax

B46SK507 Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Skirt
$188 +tax

B46OH905 Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Headbow
$48 +tax

B46OT019 Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Kumya Jumperskirt
$64 +tax

B46BL408 Usakumya's Fluffy Blouse
$178 +tax

B46BL409 Kuma Kumya's Fluffy Blouse
$178 +tax

B46SC806 Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party Over Knee Socks
$24 +tax

B46AC023 Kumya's Balloon Ring
$42 +tax

B46AC024 Kumya's Balloon Hairpin
$42 +tax

B46AC025 Kumya's Balloon Clip-on Earrings
$64 +tax

B46AC026 Kumya's Balloon Pierced Earrings
$64 +tax

B46AC027 Kumya's Balloon Necklace
$74 +tax

* Online reservations will be available at a later time. Only reservations placed in-store will be considered valid during the pre-reservation period.

Limited Items ~
The following items will be available for sale. Quantities are extremely limited.

B46OJ207  Strawberry Loves Chocolate Apron Frill Jumperskirt Set
$282 +tax
(Limited to 1 per customer)

P17JS209  Gathered Chiffon and Headdress Set 
Black Shantung x Purple Chiffon
$366 +tax
San Francisco Limited
(Limited to 1 per customer)

B45UK857  Sleepy Time Kuma Kumya Pochette
Milk Tea x Saxe Blue
$140 +tax
San Francisco Limited
(Limited to 1 per customer)

** Stamp cards may not be redeemed on limited items **
However, limited items do qualify for the novelty fair!

We cannot hold limited items for you; please make your purchase immediately.
Stock is very limited for each item and may sell out quickly.

If you plan on lining up before we open, please do so at the top of the stairs on 2F.
Anyone waiting by the 2F elevator will be asked to join the line at the base of the stairs.
Please do not block other 2F shops.

Thank you for understanding.

Novelty Fair~

Receive a Kumya's Floating Sky Tea Party postcard with any purchase!

The novelties can only be applied to items we have in-stock
**RESERVATION products do not qualify to the novelty fair. **
Limit one per customer.
Quantities are limited, so don't miss out!

Novelty fair excludes previously ordered/purchased items.
Novelties may be available online at a future date.

Please read after the jump for Event Day Rules

Due to the high volume of foot traffic we receive during event days, we will implement a few guidelines to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.

  1. Please do not use BABY SF as a meeting point for meet-ups or gatherings; the store will be very crowded. We may impose store capacity restrictions at any time for crowd control.
  2. Customers may only try on three (3) items total, and may not add items while in the dressing room unless there is no queue. Customers must decide which items to try on before entering the dressing room. We may impose a 15 minute time limit, if there are more than two (2) people waiting for the dressing room.
  3. Staff may ask to hold your items up at the front while you continue to browse. We will hold the items until you are ready to try them on or purchase them. Please be mindful not to drag items on the floor. We will be unable to hold items for the day.
  4. The pink ottoman cushion is reserved for customers to try on shoes only. Please do not use it to store your bags/clothes (we have a coat rack), to take a nap, or prop up your feet. Please do not set your personal items on top of our items.
  5. Please do not lean on store furniture or fixtures. They are designed to support garments, not human weight. We are not responsible for injuries caused by these actions.
  6. Please be careful with accessory cases, and do not try to slide them across the glass or open them without staff assistance.
  7. Children who are under or appear under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please do not abandon strollers in the front of the store, this blocks the entryway which needs to be clear in case of emergencies.
  8. No food or drinks are allowed in the store. Please finish everything outside, and do not leave trash lying around.
  9. All stores on the second floor are separate. Please pay for your items before exiting the store. Unfortunately, we cannot allow holds.
  10. Photos are still not allowed unless you provide media identification upon request.
If you choose not to adhere to our guidelines, we may ask you to leave the store. We reserve the right to amend the rules listed above at any time. Our normal store rules still apply, and in the future, may be amended to reflect some or all of these rules. Thank you for your cooperation.

☆ We look forward to seeing everyone at the festival! ☆