Wednesday, June 14, 2017

☆゚・: (。・∀・)ノ Item Spotlight (゚∇^*) ♪

☂ BABY SF has received new and restocked umbrellas! ☂
Including umbrellas with the popular 🔮 Lady Vanessa 🔮 and 🍓 Strawberry's Heart Drops prints 🍓
☀ They're perfect for both rain and shine~ 🌧 

Available in three colors:

You can match these strawberry print umbrellas with different berry prints!

Available in two colors:

Come and get your fortune told~ ☆
The Lady Vanessa Fortune Teller umbrellas are perfect for any occult-lover! ☆

Our classic Merry Pagoda umbrellas from BABY and Pirates~  ☆ミ
Available in white, pink, black, and an exclusive navy colorway from Pirates.

BABY's Birdcage Umbrella~ 
It has a beautiful dome shape and elegantly curved handle!

A perfect addition for anyone who likes lace on their lace~ ☆ミ

When ordering umbrellas online, please order each individual umbrella in a separate order. An order with multiple umbrellas placed will be canceled and refunded.
BABY SF thanks you for your understanding 

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