Saturday, June 13, 2015

~♥♬♥~This Week's Coordinates~♥♬♥~

We've received a new shipment for the store! This shipment included many lovely JSKs and elegant blouses

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B39JS222 Milky Way Jumperskirt $288
B39BL427 Celestial Harmonia Dot Dobby Blouse $158
B39HA940 Celestial Harmonia~Angelic Melody Upon the Stars~Ribbon Comb $32
B39AC015 Kumya chan's Sugar Baby Icing Cookie Necklace $76
P11BG821 A/P Shell Bag $180

B39OP319 The Night of the Starry Flowers Onepiece Dress $358
B39HA933 The Night of the Starry Flowers Headbow $70

Alice and the Pirates
P11JS205 Regimental Stripe Cello Appliquéd Jumperskirt $218
P11BL413 Drag Star Blouse $138
P11HA909 Regimental Stripe Beret $66
P11BG801 A/P Violin Bag $218

P11OJ208 Starry Moonlight Night Siréne Jumperskirt II $268
P11BL414 Berceuse Blouse $158
P10OT011 Captain Hollow Glitter Eye Patch $36

P11JS211 Side Frill Jumperskirt $278
P11BL418 Memory in the Rose Garden Blouse $148
P11HA914 Rosier Novle Grosgrain Headbow $32