Saturday, May 23, 2015

♥・・・。This Week's Coordinates。・・・♥

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
B39JS220 Millefeuille Jumperskirt $248
B39PO704 BABY Heart Embroidered Pullover $80
B39OH918 Kumya Chan’s Sugar Baby Icing Cookie Ribbon Headbow $42
B39BG827 Kumya Chan's Sugar Sugar Icing Cooking Tote Bag $36
B39CF026 Sugar Ribbon Cuffs $36
B39OT001 Wings of the Fairy $86

B39JS214 Veronica Elisse Jumperskirt $288
B39BL409 Trump in the Picture Book Diamond Blouse $158
B39HA913 Antoine Bouquet Headbow $60
B38BG819 Loulou Pochette $138.60

B39JS227 Dot Ribbon Jumperskirt $198
P10BL414 Kate Sailor Blouse $128
B39HA945 Dot Ribbon Headbow $28

Alice and the Pirates
P11OP314 Mémoire Lointaine~My Tiny Musical Box~Onepiece $288
P11OH902 CHOcOlate addiction ~with your SweEt MEmories~ Barrette $46
P10BG824 Coffin 2Way Bag $198
P11AC005 CHOcOlate addiction Necklace $70

P11OJ205 L’ecrin de votre gauche~Song Spun from the Shadow of the World~ Jumperskirt II $238
P11CS704 Cutsew Blouse with Dot Tulle Lace $80
P10OH915 Le Petit Chaperon Rouge~Maiden of the Dark Forest Headbow $50
P10AC027 Meltin' Cake Chandelier Necklace $98

P11BL413 Drag Star Blouse $128
109P620 Wide Pants $138
P11CD101 A/P Cello School Cardigan $128
P11HA905 Bear Paul Silk Hat $188