Saturday, March 21, 2015

:*: This Week's Coordinates :*:

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

B39OP308 Shirley Onepiece $356
B39HA920 Shirley Ribbon Headbow $48 
137★028 Doll House Bag $182

B39OP305 Trump in the Picture Book ALICE Set $334
P11HA903 Cards Lace Satin Ribbon Comb $28
137★0008 Ribbon Heart Bag $172

B39JS204 Heart Party Jumperskirt $236
B39CD101 Dot Ribbon Cardigan $118
B38HA972 Christmas Holly Night Ribbon Comb $36
B38UM874 Sweet Cream Strawberry Days Umbrella $48

Alice and the Pirates

P11SP601 White Rabbit Salopette $268
P10BL425 Alphonse Blouse $182
P10HA940 Funeral Rose Toque Hat $172
P10OT011 Captain Hollow Glitter Eye Patch $38

P11OJ201 Alice’s Automaton Clock Orchestra Jumperskirt I $268
P11CS704 Cutsew Blouse with Dot Tulle Lace $86
P11HA902 Alice’s Cards Ribbon Headbow $34
P11OT003 Alice's Cards Ribbon Brooch $30

P11VT302 Fjord Vest II $214
*P10OP314 Chest Ribbon Angel Onepiece $248
*This piece is no longer available in this colorway
P10HA952 Rosier Empress Ribbon Barrette $44