Saturday, February 21, 2015

.。o○This Week's Coordinates○o。.

Have you seen our most recent shipment in the New section of our webshop
We received a number of shoes for our store! So for this week's coordinates, we were able to pair each coordinate with shoes for a full ensemble~

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
B39OJ207 Cherry Rendezvous~BABY CHERRY Start of a Romance~ Jumperskirt II $258
B38CS709 Sailor Cutsew $98
138★911 Rin-chan's Tinker Bell Headbow $54
B38UK875 Usakumya Rucksack $160
138★882 Strawberry Days Enamel Shoes $118

B38SK524 Queen of Snow ~Fragment of Eternity I Hid in Snow Globe Skirt $198
B38BL416 Wonderland Blouse $150
B38PA719 Queen of Snow Bunny Ear Fur Parka $160
B38AC080 Bright Starry Night Necklace $98
137★075 Usakumya-chan Pochette $82
B38SH886 Alicia T-Strap Shoes $140

B38OJ231 Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom Jumperskirt II $280
B38PA717 Royal Kingdom Bear Ear Fur Parka $150
B38OT022 Kuma Kumya's Royal Kingdom Necktie $32
B38UK877 Kuma Kumya Pochette $82
138★880 Honey Cross Shoes $160

Alice and the Pirates
P10VT341 Cogwheel of Time and Eternal El Dorado Vest $204
P10BL417 Half-Sleeve Pintuck Blouse $128
109P698 Destinee de la Rose Pants $160
P10HA904 Steam Rabbit Goggles $98
109P882 A/P Plate Shoes $150

P10SK516 Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night Skirt $182
B38BL429 Sister Maria's Hummingbirds Sailor Collar Blouse $172
B39HA908 Le Belle Rose de Paris Ribbon Barrette $42
B38BG812 Napolean Fish Bag $268
109P884 Cabriole Ribbon Shoes $160

P11OJ201 Alice’s Automaton Clock Orchestra Jumperskirt I $268
P10BL407 Prince Conrad Blouse $140
P10VT330 Tourinot Vest $150
P10HA951 Rose Frill Grosgrain Headbow $44
P10SH886 Annabelle Tassel Shoes $128