Friday, May 9, 2014

Item Spotlight ❤ Bags & Purses ❤

Have you taken a look at our collection of bags & purses? They say that one's purse can make or break their ensemble! We have a variety of purses that come with an extended strap for that over the shoulder look. We also have a number of totes in various sizes so you can go about your errands in style! Even our Usakumyas and Kuma Kumyas can be used as bags. 

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

 137★0008 Ribbon Heart Bag $186

 137★028 Doll House Bag $198

 138★008 Sugar Bouquet Bucket Bag $116

 138★009 Sugar Bouquet Boston Bag $128

 136★009 Gift Ribbon Tote Bag $30

 137★0062 Sweet Kuma Kumya's Sweet Chocolate Tote Bag $42

137★075 Usakumya-chan Pochette $88
137★076 Usakumya Rucksack Mini Mini $44
138★9002 Kuma Kumya Mini Mini $44

Alice & The Pirates
108P927 Bird Cage Style Pochette $244

109P982 Royal Crown Boston Bag $198

109P026 Royal Crown's Tea Package Tote Bag $42