Thursday, March 27, 2014

♦♥Usakumya chan is Petit Pâtissier♥♦

We will start accepting reservations for BABY's newest series, Usakumya chan is Petit Pâtissieron April 2nd (WED)!

Usakumya's adorable bear friends return in this sweet print series filled with macarons, cakes, candy and cookies.  Join Kumya, Judy, Sophie, and Lillian as they work in their little pâtisserie preparing scrumptious treats for everyone. 

Off White x Lavender
Light Ivory x Mint Green
Lemon Yellow x Saxe Blue
Pink x Pink
Brown x Milk Tea

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Usakumya-chan is Petit Pâtissier

B38OJ215 Usakumya-chan is Petit Pâtissier Judy JSK - $304 + tax

B38BL424 Ribbon Ribbon Pâtissier Blouse - $162 + tax

B38BL426 Stripe Pâtissier Blouse - $150 + tax

B38JS204 Pâtissier JSK - $292 + tax

B38HA916 BABY Logo Ribbon Headbow - $44 + tax

B38HA919 BABY Logo Ribbon Combs - $38 + tax

B38CF003 BABY Logo Ribbon Cuffs - $44 + tax

B38UK891 Judy Strap - $34 + tax

B38UK892 Sophie Strap - $34 + tax

B38UK894 Kuma Kumya Strap - $28 + tax

B38UK895 Kuma Kumya Pochette - $88 + tax

B38HA921 Little Bear Ear Headbow - $42 + tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!