Wednesday, February 12, 2014

✩☾Milk-chan's Fantasy Wonderland☽✩

We will start accepting reservations for Baby's latest series, Milk-chan's Fantasy Wonderland, on February 14th (FRI)!

Milk-chan is off on a lovely adventure!

Where the Ferris wheel goes up into the clouds,
So you can visit the castle in the sky.

Heart-shaped, bear-shaped, B-shaped balloons,
Decorate the park, here and there and everywhere.

The carousel and tea cups spin round and round,
Until you are dizzy with glee and ask for more.

Come one, come all, to the magical, Fantasy Wonderland!


Click here or read after the jump for more details.

B38BL415 Fantasy Blouse - $186 + tax

B38BL416 Wonderland Blouse - $162 + tax

B38BO706 Fantasy Bolero - $116 + tax

B38CD707 Fantasy Cardigan - $150 + tax
(illustration only)

B38HA914 Wonderland Mini Hat - $92 + tax

B38OT001 Princess Drop Rosette - $52 + tax

B38BG818 Fantasy Wonderland Pochette - $268 + tax

(illustration only)

We look forward to accepting your reservations!