Sunday, October 20, 2013

❁ Tea Time Nostalgia ❁

We will now be accepting reservations for A/P's series, Tea Time Nostalgia!

I think of the time when we sipped our cups of tea, all while having our cake and eating it too, as I remember the scent of the rose garden. How nostalgic~

Green x Ivory lace x Off white rose x Beige tassel
Bordeaux x Ivory lace x Pink rose x Beige tassel
Navy x Ivory lace x Pink rose x Beige tassel
Black x Black lace x Black rose x Black tassel

Click here or read after the jump for more details.

109P242 Tea Time Nostalgia Jumper Skirt I - $304 +tax
*Green and Navy are no longer available for reservation*

109P243 Tea Time Nostalgia Jumper Skirt II - $256 +tax

109P517 Tea Time Nostalgia Skirt - $198 +tax
*Black is no longer available for reservation*

109P438 Nostalgia Ribbon Blouse - $174 +tax
*Ivory is no longer available for reservation*

109P017 Tea Time Nostalgia Bonnet - $116 +tax

109P019 Nostalgia Rose Pot Ring - $44 +tax
(silver, & gold)

109P020 Nostalgia Rose Pot Necklace - $52 +tax

109P831 Tea Time Nostalgia Over Knee Socks - $26 +tax 
(ivory, beige, bordeaux, navy, & black)

109P441 Lacy Fairytale Blouse - $174 +tax
 (illustration only)

The following items are sold out or will not have a reservation period:
109P021 Nostalgia Cake Server Pin - $32+tax
109P022 Tassel Pearl Choker - $116+tax
109P832 Tea Time Nostalgia Printed Tights - $50+tax *This item does not have a reservation period*

We look forward to accepting your reservations!