Sunday, May 26, 2013

✦ Blooming Fairy Doll ✦

We will start accepting reservations for Baby's newest series, Blooming Fairy Doll, on May 31st (FRI)!

The Blooming Fairy Doll series possesses an elegant feeling,
like that of a summer time fairy dancing amongst freshly bloomed roses. 
Whimsical lace and rose details radiate an air of high class~ 
Surely this fairy belongs in the gardens of Versailles!

☆Off white x Off white(Lace) x Off white(Rose corsage)
☆Lemon yellow x Lemon yellow(Lace) x Off white(Rose corsage)
☆Pink x Pink(Lace) x Pink(Rose corsage)
☆Saxe blue x Light Ivory(Lace) x Saxe blue(Rose corsage)

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137★314 Blooming Fairy Doll Onepiece - $552 + tax

137★238 Blooming Fairy Doll JSK - $338 + tax

137★429 Blooming Fairy Blouse - $162 + tax

137★959 Blooming Fairy Doll Ribbon Headbow - $54 + tax

137★960 Blooming Fairy Doll Bonnet - $138 + tax

137★961 Blooming Fairy Headbow - $92 + tax
**Not up for Reservation

137★962 Blooming Fairy Ribbon Comb - $42 + tax
**Not up for Reservation

137★963 Blooming Fairy Cuffs - $42 + tax

137★073 Ribbon Fish Pearl Necklace -$58 + tax

We look forward to receiving your orders!