Monday, September 10, 2012

New Shipment!

We received a new shipment last week! Please call or email us for stock inquiries~


136★230 Cherry Parade JSK
136★247 Macaron Dot JSK 
136★254 Sweet Jewelry Princess Opale JSK
136★255 Sweet Jewelry Princess Garnet JSK
136★256 Alice Bruges Tutu JSK
136★257 Marble Sugar Drop JSK
136★265 Tartan Check Princess JSK 
136★269 Sweet Poodle's Wonder Pocket Coco JSK
136★270 Sweet Poodle's Regimental Stripe Salopette
136★271 Lady Tartan Check JSK
136★327 Alice Bruges OP 

136★417 Whipped Cream Blouse
136★438 Twinkle Constellation Chiffon Blouse
136★441 Alice Bruges Dress Blouse
136★445 Ribbon Party Blouse
136★448 Stripe Chiffon Round Collar Blouse
136★449 Sweet Poodle's Regimental Stripe Round Collar Blouse 

136★506 Tulle Panier
136★524 Alice Bruges Tutu Skirt
136★526 Alice Bruges Skirt
136★528 Sweet Poodle's Regimental Stripe Pleated Skirt 
136★529 Lady Tartan Check Pleated Skirt  

136★825 Sweet Jewelry Princess Over Knee Socks
136★935 Rosary Rose Headdress
136★936 Rose Party Headdress 
136★937 Torchon Lace Wrist Cuffs
136★951 Cherry Parade Headbow
136★952 Alice Bruges Ribbon Headbow
136★084 Rose Boudoir Earrings
136★108 Transparent Knitting Bolero
136★109 Snow Dot Cardigan


108P215 The Secret Between Alice and the Clocktower JSK II
108P230 St. School JSK
108P232 Galactic Journey to the Stars JSK I
108P233 Galactic Journey to the Stars JSK II
108P234 Tartan Check JSK
108P235 Rosier Empress JSK
108P331 Regimental Latte OP
108P333 Vampire Prelude OP

108P439 Trump Flocky Blouse
108P443 Prince Conrad Blouse
108P445 Chiffon Mellow Blouse
108P519 Vampire Prelude Skirt
108P626 Galactic Journey to the Stars Salopette

108P964 Tulle Lace Wrist Cuffs
108P968 Moonlit Night Round Headbow
108P971 Champ de Fleur Headbow
108P972 Champ de Fleur Choker