Saturday, July 21, 2012

✞ Vampire Prelude ✞

We will begin accepting reservations for Alice and the Pirate's Vampire Prelude Series on Friday, July 27th!

Moon shines on her cheek, and shines on her brow
So soft, so enticing, so eloquent, 
With smiles that win, and teeth and glow
That mutter of days in shadows spent
She entreats for entrance and once let in
She drinks the blood of the innocent.

Please read after the cut or here for more details!

Vampire Prelude Jumper Skirt  
$292 + tax

Vampire Prelude One Piece Dress
$328 + tax

Vampire Prelude Skirt
  $186 + tax

Vampire Rose Lace Blouse
$174 + tax

Vampire Prelude Over Knee Socks
$26 + tax

Vampire Prelude Bonnet
 $116 + tax 

Vampire Comb
$44 + tax

Vampire Rose Necklace
$82 + tax