Monday, December 5, 2011

Rin-chan's Black Cat

We will be accepting reservations for BABY's newest design series Rin-chan's Black Cat on Friday, December 9th!

Rin-chan is part of the shop staff at BABY Daikanyama and even modeled the dress in BABY's recent tea 
party fashion show.

Rin-chan also did a report with Misako Aoki a few years ago exploring the Shinjuku Marui One BABY store. Everything about Rin-chan is super adorable, especially her voice!

More information on Rin-chan's Black Cat can be found here or after the jump!

136★205 Rin-chan's Black Cat Jumper Skirt Set - $422 +tax

136★409 Rin-chan's Black Cat Blouse - $186 +tax

 136★011 Rin-chan's Black Cat Wrist Cuffs - $42 +tax

136★012 Rin-chan's Black Cat Bag - $138 + tax

We look forward to accepting your reservation!