Monday, November 14, 2011

Hoshi No Namida Princess

We will be accepting reservations for BABY's new princess one piece Hoshi No Namida Princess on November 18th!

This dress matches the dress worn by the "Hoshinonamida Hime" CWC Limited Neo Blythe Doll!

Hoshinonamida Hime is the Milky Way singing idol. After being talent spotted at the Mauri One Baby, The Stars Shine Bright store she became a singing idol on Earth as well. Hoshinonamida Hime's voice pierces the soul of all who listen to her 80's pop music and her songs resonate in the hearts and minds of her fans long after her concerts. Everything about Hoshinonamida Hime sparkles. Her voice, looks, dress and starry eyes.

The doll will not be sold at the BABY SF store. You can purchase the doll here!
More information about the Hoshi No Namida Princess one piece can be found here and after the jump!

Hoshi No Namida Princess One-Piece Dress
$530 + tax

Hoshi No Namida Princess Head Bow
$58 + tax

Hoshi No Namida Princess Ring
$34 + tax

Hoshi No Namida Princess Pearl Choker
$44 + tax

Hoshi No Namida Tights
$50 + tax
The tights are already available for purchase online!