Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Arrivals

We received a new shipment! For BABY, we have Alice's Secret KeyALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour, some of Clockwork tea party, and lots more~ For A/P, we have some of Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree], a restock of Melty Mermaid Princess, and lots of knits and head items. We also have a small selection of umbrellas and bags available.

Please read after the jump for a complete list! If you have your eye on anything, we recommend you stop by this weekend.


135★523 Clockwork tea party SK
135★837 Clockwork tea Party Over Knee Socks

135★255 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Chelsea JSK
135★256 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Milky JSK
135★522 ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour Creamy SK
135★118 Marchin' Chocolate Cookie Cardigan

135★251 Alice's Secret Key Ribbon JSK
135★252 Alice's Secret Key Brilliant JSK
135★521 Alice's Secret Key SK
135★986 Alice's Secret Key Headbow

135★246 Regimental Salopette
135★254 Red Riding Hood JSK

135★111 School Cardigan
135★112 Lame Lace Bolero
135★113 Trump Cardigan
135★115 Fur Collar Cardigan
135★116 Snowflake Embroidery Cardigan
135★117 Transparent Heart Cardigan
135★119 Ribbon Lame Cardigan

135★437 Regimental Olivia Blouse
135★438 Back Pintuck Blouse
135★439 Stripe Chiffon Blouse
135★440 Regimental Frill Blouse
135★727 Lolipop Ribbon Bolero

135★962 Rosary Rose Headdress
135★967 Rose Garrett Fairy Headbow
135★976 Cameron Headbow
135★977 Princess Drop Dangling Comb
135★982 Tiffany Ribbon Beret
135★983 Veronica Rose Canotier
135★984 Fawn Fur Beret
135★989 Rose Tulle Lace Wrist Cuff
135★992 Sparkly Ribbon Fur Beret
135★993 Chess Crystal Ribbon Comb

135★030 「Dantalian no Shoka」Darien Umbrella
135★031 Over Lace Short Umbrella
135★069 Trump Quilting BAG
135★071 Present Vanity BAG
135★093 Usakumya Pochette
135★094 Usakumya Rucksack Mini Mini
135★829 Lace Up Ribbon Tights
135★890 Magic Ribbon Shoes


107P228 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] JSK I
107P229 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] JSK II
107P989 Black Cat & Witch & [Apple Tree] Ribbon Headbow
107P991 Witch Cat Necklace

107P220 Melty Mermaid Princess JSK
107P325 Melty Mermaid Princess OP
107P813 Melty Mermaid Princess Over Knee Socks
107P968 Melty Mermaid Princess Round Headdress

107P106 A/P School Cardigan
107P108 Pearl Bolero
107P109 Rose Cardigan
107P110 Frill Lame Cardigan
107P111 JOKER Knit OP
107P112 JOKER Cardigan
107P114 Pom Pom Muffler
107P434 Circus Stripe Blouse
107P516 Rosary Corset Princess SK
107P621 Mad Hatter Pants
107P627 Mad Tea Party Pants

107P967 British Check Mini Beret
107P973 Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow
107P975 Melty Princess Headbow
107P977 Campbell Rose Headbow
107P978 JOKER Pearl Ribbon Comb

107P976 A/P Tent BAG
107P007 A/P Bat Umbrella
107P993 A/P Pearl Rosary