Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Arrivals

We received a new shipment this week! For BABY, we have Flying Love From JulietUnico in BloomlandRegimental OliviaMarchin' Chocolate Cookie, Usakumya Pochettes and many more. For A/P, we have twilight Circus, blouses, socks, Night Fairy Fantasia & Melty Mermaid Princess accessories.

For a full list, please read after the jump!


135★244 Flying Love From Juliet Doll JSK
135★043 Flying Love From Juliet Choker
135★044 Flying Love From Juliet Earrings
135★824 Flying Love From Juliet Over Knee Socks
135★973 Flying Love From Juliet Ribbon Headbow

135★232 Unico in Bloomland Pearl JSK
135★431 Unico in Bloomland Blouse
135★515 Unico in Bloomland SK
135★969 Unico in Bloomland Ribbon Headbow

135★248 Regimental Olivia JSK
135★437 Regimental Olivia Blouse
135★980 Regimental Olivia Headbow

135★730 Marchin' Chocolate Cookie Cutsew
135★047 Marchin' Chocolate Cookie Bag

135★240 Shirring Princess JSK
135★242 Frill Babydoll JSK
135★245 Trump Regimental JSK
134★713 Ribbon Shirring Cutsew OP
135★718 Shirring Cutsew OP
135★433 Chiffon Princess Dress Blouse
135★434 Emeline Blouse
135★435 Caroline Blouse
135★516 Fluffy Tulle Panier
135★520 Soft Tulle Panier
135★602 Torchon Lace Bloomers
135★603 Floral Lace Bloomers

135★093 Usakumya Pochette
135★827 Sweet Dot Over Knee Socks
135★828 Lace Up Ribbon Over Knee Socks
135★888 Honey Cross Shoes
135★948 Ma Cherie Ribbon Headbow
135★959 Classical Rosie Headbow
135★963 Rose Party Headdress
135★968 Rose Garrett Ribbon Comb


107P225 twilight Circus JSK I
107P226 twilight Circus JSK II
107P331 twilight Circus OP
107P517 twilight Circus SK
107P816 twilight Circus Over Knee Socks
107P979 JOKER Pompom Mini Beret
107P981 twilight pierrot Necklace

107P329 DIDOLuLaLa Regimental OP
107P415 Wonder Treasure Blouse
107P426 Shandia Dress Shirt
107P428 Rose Jabot Blouse
107P429 Martine Rose Blouse
107P430 Lame Chiffon Long Sleeve Blouse

107P712 The Little Princess Pullover
107P815 DIDO Stripe Over Knee Socks
107P829 A/P Diamond Over Knee Socks
107P830 A/P Diamond Lame Over Knee Socks
107P928 Selene Mini Hat
107P960 Night Fairy Fantasia Double Ribbon Headbow
107P961 Fantasic Fairy Pendant
107P963 Fantasic Fairy Barrette
107P968 Melty Mermaid Princess Round Headdress
107P969 Rose Time Wrist Cuffs

Please call or email us if you have any questions.