Tuesday, August 30, 2011

★ ★ ★ Milky Rail Train ★ ★ ★

We will start accepting reservations for the Milky Rail Train on Friday, September 2nd!

"Mihara Mitsukaz x Alice and the Pirates x Pullip" Triple Collaboration featured in Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 41. Using the "Milky Way Train System" as a theme and a clock motif, our first ever triple collaboration presents gorgeous and whimsical creations of lace and frills.

* We will not be selling the collaboration Pullip dolls.

107P335 Milky Rail Train NELLA Dress Set - $468 +tax

107P336 Milky Rail Train clock Cape Mantle - $338 +tax

107P436 Milky Rail Train JOHAN Ribbon Blouse - $174 +tax

107P626 Milky Rail Train JOHAN Frill Pants - $210 +tax

107P984 Milky Rail Train NELLA Headdress Headbow - $70 +tax

107P985 Milky Rail Train clock Silk Hat - $198 +tax

107P986 Milky Rail Train clock Socks Garter - $68 +tax

107P987 Milky Rail Train clock Trunk Bag - $256 +tax
(in brown & black)

We look forward to accepting your reservations!