Saturday, January 22, 2011

Window Display

Here are the mannequins we have on display in BABY SF's window! We wanted to try something different, and we encourage Lolitas to be innovative in their outfit choices 

BABY                                           A/P

Please click the jump for more photos and details about the items!

BABY, the Stars Shine Bright

For the BABY coordinate, we layered the Lovely cherry march JSK over the SK and created a bustle to reveal the ruffles underneath. This gives the springtime outfit a more princess-like feel! We also placed mini-Sophie onto the dress as a little charm. She can be worn in your hair, or if you have the mini Sophie-chan strap, you can attach her to your dress ♪

134★260 Lovely cherry march JSK in yellow
$268$214.40  20% Off
also available in pink!

134★520 Lovely cherry march SK in yellow
$194$155.20 20% Off

134★993 Swinging Kumya-chan Kanzashi in black - $52

Alice and the Pirates
For A/P, we created a period look using a plain OP with a printed JSK. We wanted to showcase the gorgeous border detail of the St. Mephisto Cathedrale JSK, but didn't want to lose the glorious bustle of the Ansie Princess OP. So we blended the best of both worlds and created the look below. We chose the ivory headbow to complement the pink in the outfit.

106P219 St. Mephisto Cathedrale JSK in pink - $280

105P323 Ansie Princess OP in ivory - $210$147.00  30% Off

106P979 St. Mephisto Cathedrale Ribbon Headbow in ivory - $50
also available in pink & purple!

On your next visit to the store, we would be happy to show you how we created these looks! See you all soon ☆