Monday, December 20, 2010

Reservations for "Dance of the Black Cats"

We are now accepting reservations for A/P's Dance of the Black Cat Series!

The Black Cats have been dancing across the 88 keys,
and left mischievous little paw prints while playing a jaunty tune ♪

One by one, phantom musicians join in
on wind instruments and a violin.

 Dance of the Black Cats

107P203 Dance of the Black Cats JSK I - $292
107P204 Dance of the Black Cats JSK II - $280
107P503 Dance of the Black Cats SK - $186
107P903 Dance of the Black Cats Violin Necklace - $70
(pink gold, antique gold, or matte black)

There will also be a matching Ribbon Barrette and Lesson Bag available for this series. Please look forward to it! More details available here...