Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Arrivals

We just received our newest shipment! For BABY, we have many cute Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) collaboration items, JSKs, OPs, & restocks on many sale items. For A/P, we have restocks on previously sold out items like Masquerade Theater socks!

We will be making announcements regarding our First Year Anniversary very soon, so look forward to it! There will also be a new poll, so please remember to vote★

Please read after the jump for the list of items!


134★066 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Tote BAG
134★067 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Jacquard Socks
134★068 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Embroidery High Socks
134★724 Gluttonous Gloomy(Sweets Ver.) Short Sleeve T-shirt

134★259 Shirley Poppy Fairy JSK
134★264 Merveille Doll JSK
134★268 Royal Tartan Shirring Princess JSK
133★309 Cherry Audrey OP
134★315 Sailor Marine OP

134★207 Mille Feuille JSK
134★208 Mille Feuille JSK
134★225 Baby Cafe Doll JSK
134★228 Elenoir JSK
134★245 Waist Ribbon Scallop JSK S
134★246 Waist Ribbon Scallop JSK M
134★247 Waist Ribbon Scallop JSK L
134★248 Waist Ribbon Scallop JSK LL
134★254 Ribbon Ribbon Corset JSK

134★103 Lovely Cherry Applique Bolero
134★105 Heart Transparent Cardigan
134★307 Ribbon Sherbet Jacket
134★411 Sweetheart Lace Frill Short Sleeve Blouse
134★414 Frill Babydoll Blouse
134★426 Heart Lace Frill Short Sleeve Blouse

134★512 Ribbon Sherbet SK
134★514 Cherry Cherry Fallin' cherry SK
134★517 Sugary Flora Frill SK
134★518 Sweet Gingham Border Ribbon Ribbon SK
134★524 Rose Lace Frill Petticoat
134★605 Trump Lace Frill Bloomers

134★809 Candy Ribbon Scrunchie
134★810 Cameron Headbow
134★817 Petite Ribbon Bunny Ear Headband
134★991 Twisty Ribbon Headbow

134★004 BABY Alice Border Knee Socks
134★026 Lace Up Ribbon Over Knee Socks
134★074 Fairina Socks
134★907 Small Lace High Socks

134★078 Morning Dew Wristcuffs
133★089 Double Ribbon Ring
134★049 Gingham & Frill Umbrella
134★050 Heart & Dot Foldable Umbrella
134★051 BABY Birdcage Umbrella
134★901 Rich Frill Umbrella
134★075 Mini Heart Pochette


106P615 Stripe Crown Salopette Pants
106P616 Gloomy Short Pants
106P717 Sleeping Crown Cardigan
106P901 A/P Rich Frill
106P959 Masquerade Theater Over Knee Socks