Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Arrivals

We received a new shipment! Many items from BABY: Cyndrina Rossa, Classical Rose Bouquet, & Sailor Marine. For A/P, we have Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice and a Sleeping Beauty JSK in ivory! We also received plenty of accessories from both lines, including new head bows and jewelry.

Our Summer Sale continues...take advantage of our discounts ranging from 20~50% off!

Please read after the jump for the item list.


134★265 Cyndrina Rossa JSK
134★316 Cyndrina Rossa OP
134★266 Rosina Stripe Salopette JSK
134★267 Classical Rose Bouquet JSK
134★315 Sailor Marine OP

134★413 Cherry Lace Short Sleeve Blouse with Jabot
134★419 Detachable Sleeve Babydoll Blouse
134★420 Petite Frill Detachable Sleeve Blouse
134★421 Detachable Sleeve Yoke Blouse
134★422 Roselina Blouse
134★717 Lovely cherry march Mellow Bolero

134★509 Frill a la Mode SK
134★604 Ribbon & Heart Bloomers
134★944 Baby Cafe Lollipop Café Apron

133★016 Jennifer Shoes
133★017 Strawberry Cake Shoes
133★018 Odette Toe Shoes
134★014 Heart Chelsea Shoes
134★058 Fairliene Socks

133★895 Rozen Headband
134★991 Twisty Ribbon Headbow
134★995 Emilienne Rose Headbow
134★996 Ribbon Roseline Headbow
134★801 Creamy☆soda☆pop Ribbon Headbow
134★804 Papillon Ribbon Headbow
134★805 Sailor Marine Hat
134★806 Merveille Doll Headbow
134★812 Bunny Ear Ribbon-chan Headbow

134★019 Charlotte Rococo Long Glove
134★064 Sugar Rose Cake Necklace
134★069 Ribbon Heart BAG


106P215 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice JSK
106P325 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice OP
106P512 Hide-and-Seek with missin' Alice SK

106P205 Sleeping Beauty JSK

106P304 Noir Jacket
106P306 Frederick Jacket
106P328 Azul Vest
106P329 Mad Hatter Vest
106P406 Rachel Sleeveless Blouse
106P417 Short Sleeve Frill Blouse
106P420 Opera Mille Feille Blouse
106P714 Strawberry Princess Print Long Cutsew
106P718 Beauty and the Rose promise T-shirt

106P921 Chiffon Gather Headdress
106P968 Melissa Headdress
106P922 AP Round Rose Comb
106P936 A/P Mille Feille Headdress
106P941 A/P School High Socks