Friday, August 5, 2016

☆+。・゚【Made to Order】Ginger Doll Dress Set & Milk Tea Doll Dress Set ゚・。+☆

We will begin accepting online reservations for Alice and the Pirates,
【Made to Order】Ginger Doll Dress Set and 【Made to Order】Milk Tea Doll Dress Set,
on Tuesday , August 9th at 12pm!

These special sets will be up for reservation until Augut 15th (MON) or until all stops are filled !

×We will no longer accept special order emails for this set.
 Any emails received regarding the Henrietta set will be directed to our online store

×This series is made-to-order. We will not be accepting cancellations for this item; no exceptions.Any cancelled orders will incur a 25% restocking fee.

We will continue to also accept in-store orders for this item. 
Please be aware that full payment will be required upon order placement including applicable sales tax.

  • For orders that need to be shipped to Canada:
     we will send you a separate invoice once the items arrive.
Thank you for understanding.

Click here or read after the jump for more details.

Black x Ivory lace x Pink ribbon
$624 + tax

Off white x Off white lace x Off white ribbon x Pink rose
$832 + tax

We look forward to accepting your reservations!